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Three Types Of Popular Face Paint Ideas For Face Paint Artists

If you are a beginner face paint artist, or someone who is wanting to start out as a face paint artist, there are a lot of this you would need to remember before you can perfect your skills. Of course, first you would need to get a proper training by a professional face paint artist in order to completely bring out your skills and sharpen them, then you need to collect the right products because there is a fine line between a normal face paint artist and a professional face paint artist. A professional face paint artist would know that they need to use the specially designed paint that makes face painting easier and is not harmful for their skin, and they would also manage to gather the rightful brushes that allow the various drawings to be carried out effortlessly as well. Apart from these beginner tips, you also need to widen your horizons when you start out. So for a beginning artist, here are some popular face paint ideas you can carry out.

The Dragons

As ideal children’s party entertainers, keeping these face paint ideas in mind is going to serve you very well because kids are big fans of such drawings. Dragons are pretty famous especially among boys! It is not very hard to execute a dragon in a face either; you can start out by sponging green or red paint over their cheeks, eyes and top lip, then you can easily move on yo draw horns on their eyebrows and cheeks and even fangs below their lips. The final step is to draw scales on their cheeks in a “U” shape. To finalize everything you can outline it all in either white or black. A clown

A clown is another crowd favorite for all face painters. It does not have a gender speciality as both boys and girls equally love being portrayed as a clown. It is again, not very hard to draw a clown either. To start out you can draw white circles on either cheeks and a red circle on the nose, then you can get white paint out and cover the eye lids with it. To finalize you can try suing black paint to draw two large triangles on top of the right eye lid and bottom of the eye as well. If wanted, you can also outline the circles in black to make them stand out more.

A mermaid

This is going to be a favorite among most girls! Start by sponging blue paint on both eye lids and move ahead to the forehead slowly, then in the middle of the eyebrows draw a white sea shell with the scales prominent on it, afterwards you can take out black paint and draw two long and sharp lines coming out of each eye lid and draw lines above the eyes as well. Finalize by outlining the shell and scales in black.