Baby Products

Ten Products Mom-To-Be Wants

Are you looking ahead for nine months of pregnancy? Then you might want to look into the essentials you will need for the journey ahead!

• Loose clothes and undergarments – the first thing that you will definitely buy for the days of pregnancy ahead will no doubt be a new set of loose-fitting clothes. From large sweatpants, to nightdresses, leggings and big skirts, there are many different types of clothes in larger sizes – that are fashionable and pretty. You will also need new underwear though, such as belly bandit underwear and pregnancy bras though, so do not forget to stock up on new undergarments too!

• Body Pillows – sleeping at night is one of the biggest issues during pregnancy. With the fear of causing discomfort for the baby it is hard for any mother to toss and turn in the bed, and adding the natural pains that attack your hips and back during the pregnancy terms on top of that, it is quite possible that having a long and undisturbed slumber is a no go. However, the truth is that you can sleep well even when pregnant – as long as you have a body pillow that is! With the ability to support your belly and even your aching hips or back, a body pillow is an essential every mom-to-be needs!

• Maternity Support Belts – another thing you need during your trimesters to relieve pain is no doubt the maternity belts. When you have a tummy, even walking can turn into a chore, and by extension, a stress on your legs, back and hips. The solution to relieve this pain is to use one of these belts, which you fix around the lower half of your baby bump, so that it can support your belly better.

• Relief for Morning Sickness – morning sickness is one of the most unpleasant things that come along with pregnancy. There are a few lucky women who escape from the drudgery of vomiting and feeling nauseated for no real reasons, but there are other poor souls who feel like throwing up at every little thing. There is no sure-fire cure for morning sickness (unless you want medication), but there are many various kinds of fruits, nuts and other types of food that seem to alleviate the nausea. Of course, the effects seem to vary from mom to mom, so make sure to test around and find what relieves nausea for you!

• Slide-on Shoes – and to conclude, something that you might not really think about, but which is actually quite useful: slide-on shoes. Flip-flops, are they are also called, are another essential for pregnancy. They are easy to put on, and certain models which are made especially for moms-to-be have more supportive functions that can better alleviate your pain. An ideal item for swollen feet!