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Read The Incredible Benefits Of Child Safety Gates For Stairs

The health and safety of children is the prime responsibility of all parents. And parents always seem to be worried to provide a safe environment for their kids. Home is considered to be the safest place for a child in every society and no one will deny this. No place in this world can be safer for a child than the home of his parents and ensuring and maintaining a secure environment in the house is obligatory on every parent. Young children are not aware of the dangers they play with, at every moment. They keep roaming here and there, investigate what they see and try to approach every corner of the house. in this mission, they learn to grow and enjoy but this can also be risky for their safety. So, Child safety gates for stairs are constructed to ensure the maximum safety of children inside the home. 

What is the purpose of child safety gates for stairs?

A child safety gate is a relatively smaller gate that is installed in the doorways to block the child’s access to a particular area which can be risky for him. The safety gates were designed to keep the children away from spots that can be dangerous, for example, stairs and the kitchen. Child gates can also be used to restrict your child in a room to avoid any hazard. Safety gates are not only designed to prevent an accident, but it also helps you to complete your work by isolating your child.

Stairs are the most dangerous spot for children. They can climb on them and fall and falling from stairs can be lethal for young kids. No parent would the risk for this painful incident to happen. Stairs must be blocked by installing a right child safety gates either at the top or bottom or at both positions of the stairs. This gate would prevent your child from hurting himself.

What are the types of child safety gates?

Child safety gates are just a barrier to prevent your child to enter harmful places. A variety of retractable child safety gate are there which ensure the safety of your child in an efficient manner. Some of the available types are:

Pressure gates

Pressure gates are installed against the wall by exerting pressure. Such gates do not need to be drilled and fixed. But before installation, the area should be checked. The surface must be flat and stable. They are easily removable, but they can often scratch paint from the walls. Pressure gates are firm and most suitable for staircase blockage.

Auto-closing gates

Self-closing gates work on a mechanism of auto close. They are spring hinged to self-latch. But they must be checked regularly to ensure the machine is working.

 No bottom rail gates

These gates are installed without the bottom rail. They are highly suitable for installation on top of the staircase.