Baby/Kids Health

Learning About Nutrition For Your Kid

It is indeed ironic and very scary that most of us do not know anything about nutrition and that we are not even given sufficient information in schools about proper nutrition when we are solely responsible for providing proper nutrition for our child when we become parents. As such, it is vital that we do our own research about nutrition and proper feeding for our children because there are many industries that are committed to lead us a stray because of the millions that they have to gain from us believing otherwise. One example is the dairy industry that invests millions in trying to convince us that dairy milk from cows is good for our children and better for our children than human breast milk. It has been proven time and time again that dairy is indeed bad for our children and for us and yet, parents continue to feed it to their children due to the propaganda and the marketing.

Speak to a professional

One of the best ways to make sure that you are feeding your child right is to consult with a professional on the subject. A child feeding consultant will be able to give you dietary advice as well as advice on how to feed your picky child nutritious food. Sometimes, it can be very difficult and a lot of trouble to feed children which is why you have to try and find better ways of doing it.

If your child is very small, you might need a baby feeding consultant who will also tell you that prolonged breast feeding is extremely good for your child’s current health as well as for your child’s future wellbeing.Many parents fail to realize that it is the food that they give their children in those first few years that will determine their health for the rest of their lives and the problems that you currently have in your adult life are partly a result of the food that you had when you were very small.

Similarly, if you have a strong immune system, this too is a result of the great of do that your parents may have fed you while you were growing up. The food you give your baby today determines his or her future and what they will be when they are in their fifties or sixties. This said however, everything that you put in to your mouth plays a role in your health and wellbeing which is why it is essential for you to study nutrition.